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Introduction to Osaka University

Osaka University logos

The official logo of Osaka University

The official logo of Osaka University, the Ginkgo [銀杏] leaf logo, was created by the renowned Japanese graphic designer Ikko TANAKA for Osaka University's 60th anniversary in 1991. The classic simplicity of the design belies the fact that it can be viewed at several levels. First, the three arcs in its structure come from a combination of three O's, the first letter of "Osaka." Additionally, as a university with a long history, these three O's represent the historical links, the concerted efforts, between three groups --the school, the students, and the citizens of Osaka-- in the establishment of this particular national university.

Finally, the motif of a ginkgo tree leaf can be traced back to the roots of the Faculty of Medicine, to Osaka Temporary Hospital and Osaka Medical School, the latter which also used the ginkgo leaf in its flag.

For more information on Osaka University's history, go here.


Institute for Academic Initiatives (IAI)

IAI logo
The logo of the Institute of Academic Initiatives incorporates a dual image, that of a bird and a star. This star-bird represents Osaka University and its heritage. In the logo, the star-bird --Osaka University-- can be seen climbing, soaring, striving always higher, reaching for the goal, the star “to be a university that shines forth even into the 22nd century.” The Institute of Academic Initiatives was inaugurated in 2012 for just such a purpose, to lead the university in reaching new heights, achieving brighter goals in the new century.


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