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Introduction to Osaka University

Education Information

Basic Structure of Education and Research

Names of schools, subjects and courses and names of graduate courses and majors

Goals, names of schools, subjects and courses.

Goals, names of graduates courses and majors.

Educational Structure, Number of Faculty, Degrees and Achievements of Faculty

Faculty structure for providing efficient education by appropriate division of roles and age composition

Ensuring legally required numbers of faculty, faculty by gender, occupation, etc.

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Admission Policies, Student Numbers, Applicant and Enrollment Figures, Number of Graduate Students, and Careers after Graduation

Enrollment, admission quota, capacity, student numbers including third-year students entering from other universities

Number of Students who graduated or completed courses

Student Attendance

Advancement to graduate schools and employment

Classes, Teaching Methods, Class Contents, and Syllabus

Classes, Teaching Methods, Class Contents

Annual curriculum (syllabus and annual class planning)



Tuition fees, matriculation fees, and other expenses (including miscellaneous university expenses)

Tuition fees, matriculation fees, and other expenses (including student dormitory room fees, educational materials expenses, facilities usage fees)

Educational materials expenses: there are no common teaching materials specified by Osaka University

Facility  fees

For your reference

Support for Student Learning, Career, Health

Various types of student support (for international students, students with disabilities)

Support for students including support for students with disabilities:  Support Center for Campus Life

Support for international students

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