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Making submissions to or advertising in Tekijuku

Tekijuku journal no.35

Submissions welcomed
Regarding the submission of articles to the annual journal Tekijuku, please note the following topics and guidelines for submissions:

  1. OGATA Koan and his relatives
  2. Tekijuku graduates and people living near Tekijuku; medical science and Western learning during the Edo and Meiji periods
  3. Learning, literature, visual and folk arts, and/or livelihoods during the Edo and Meiji periods


  • Please submit articles, 5 to 20 pages in length, on 400-character manuscript paper. Articles are primarily desired on the above-mentioned topics.
Tekijuku Commemoration Association publishes the journal Tekijuku once a year in order to provide members with information about Tekijuku. 

Please contact the association office if you are interested in advertising in the journal.

Purchasing books & videos
The Tekijuku Commemoration Association sells books and videos pertaining to Tekijuku and OGATA Koan.
Click here to see a list of items for sale.
Please contact Tekijuku or the Tekijuku Commemoration Association office if you are interested in purchasing books or videos listed at the above link.

Tekijuku Commemoration Association Office
Tel: 06-6850-5016 FAX: 06-6850-5015

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