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Introduction to Osaka University


Osaka University was established in 1931 with two faculties: Medicine and Science. However, its academic roots can be traced back to the Edo period. Founded in 1724, Kaitokudo, with its open academic culture that was not obsessed with specific schools or academic cliques, was a "gakumonjo" ["place of study"] for merchants. Its unique learning and thinking was a source of pride for the citizens of that era.


Carrying on the tradition of this free and forward-looking academic culture as its spiritual pillars, Kaitokudo Kinenkai [the Kaitokudo Commemoration Society] holds open courses such as “Classic culture” or “Special course for spring/autumn” and events such as commemorative meetings, field trips, or special lectures.


Address Kaitokudo Kinenkai Office, School of Letters, Osaka University,
1-5, Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka, Osaka, 560-8532, Japan
Tel 06-6843-4830

Kaitokudo Kinenkai

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