Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Please follow the instructions below when using the automatic certificate issuing machine .

Select image 1 Spacer image Insert Card image

. Select the operation you'd like the machine to perform -- issue a certificate of registration, issue a student discount certificate, or change your PIN (or switch to English).
Spacer image
. Insert your card in the slot as directed and slide it down.

Password image Spacer image Select image 2

. Enter your 4-digit PIN ("password") via the screen. (The first time you use the machine, you will be directed to a window for registering your PIN.)
Spacer image
. The types of certificates than can be issued will appear on the screen. Select the one you want. (In case of a student discount certificate, you'll have to select the purpose , departure & arrival points, and number in this order.)

Number image Spacer image Certificate issued image

. Select the number of copies you want. The maximum number of copies at a time is 10. In case of a student discount certificate, the maximum number of copies is 2 at a time or 3 a day.
Spacer image
. Your certificate(s) will be issued from the slit as shown above.
Please note: if you do not remove your certificate within 15 seconds, the machine will automatically retrieve it to prevent theft. In such a case, the retrieved certificate is not counted as having been issued.
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