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Past Events for Alumni

Regional Osaka University Alumni Reunions

In addition to Osaka and Tokyo, OU has been holding alumni reunions in locations throughout Japan since 2016 in order to expand and strengthen the bonds of the OU Family.

2016岡山つどい 2017名古屋集い
2016 - Okayama 2017 - Nagoya
2018福井③(交流会) 2019香川の集い
2018 - Fukui 2019 - Kagawa

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Osaka University Leaders Forum

The Osaka University Leaders Forum is an event to provide a place of interaction for managers and executives who are alumni of Osaka University/Osaka University of Foreign Studies. We hope that this forum proves useful for your future endeavors as a place for information exchange and networking.

2018リーダーズフォーラム 2018リーダーズフォーラム②
(7th Osaka University Leaders Forum [February 2019])

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