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Support the “Yume [Dream] Fund to Fight COVID-19”

Thank you for your continuous support for the Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association.

Facing difficulties due to COVID-19, OU faculty and staff members are working together to carry out their duties in the fields of education, research, and medicine.

The coronavirus outbreak has brought significant changes to the ways of life for our students. The university has continued to support them by granting tuition fee waivers, providing wi-fi router rentals for online classes and financial support for returning home from overseas, but that is not enough to navigate this difficult situation.

Financial assistance programs by the government and the university seem to be insufficient to ensure appropriate support for students. Thus, the Federation of Alumni Association is reaching out to all of our supporters to ask for your help through the “Yume [Dream] Fund to Fight COVID-19”.

Concerns are growing about second and third waves of infections. We’re asking for donations to expand our fund and help more students in this difficult time. We hope that you will consider helping your alma mater and current students facing financial hardships.

June 2020

Chairman, Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association


• Support programs for students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here.

• How to donate
Please perform the necessary procedures via the Osaka University Foundation for the Future webpage. (link in Japanese)

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