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Students from 6th and 7th classes of Tobitate! Japan and UN Youth Volunteers visit President Nishio


On Monday, July 31, 2017, 3 students from the 6th class and 4 students from the 7th class of Tobitate! Japan, as well as 2 UN Youth Volunteers, had a light-hearted talk with President Nishio, Executive Vice President Kobayashi, and Executive Vice President Yamanaka.

Receiving sage advice from the President and Executive Vice Presidents, the students were newly aware of how many individuals are expecting great things from them. We're looking forward to hearing about their experiences when they return to Osaka University, so until then, we hope the students have a healthy, safe, and enjoyable journey abroad.

"Tobitate! [Fly Away!] Japan" Study Abroad Program
"Tobitate! [Fly Away!] Japan" is a scholarship associated with the study abroad promotion campaign, run in cooperation between the government and private sectors, to foster trends in the youth of Japan to study abroad. The students in this program perform diverse learning activities, such as internships and fieldwork, based on a study abroad plan of their own design.

*The official site for Tobitate! Japan can be found here. (link in Japanese)

The United Nations Youth Volunteer Programme
The United Nations Youth Volunteer Program is run in cooperation between the United Nations Volunteer Programme and Japanese universities to send students as volunteers to developing nations. Students in this programme are dispatched to UNV offices in developing nations and perform development and provide support in coordination with the United Nations, government agencies, NGO staff, and local people.

*The official website for the United Nations Youth Volunteer Programme can be found here. (link in Japanese)

Osaka University will continue to do its absolute best to support students who will soar out into the world.
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