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Award Ceremony for the 15th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities


Nominations for the 15th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities were accepted from April 14 through May 16, 2014 in order to recognize outstanding extracurricular activities and invigorate and improve student extracurricular activity participation.

Thirty-two nominations for 8 sports-oriented clubs, 11 culture-oriented clubs, and 13 other groups and individuals were received. Following screening and interviews by the Screening Committee for the Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities and the Student Life Committee, the award ceremony was held on July 1, 2014.

Most Outstanding Achievement Award

  No selection this year.

Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Go [Club] -- YAMIKUMO Tsubasa, 2nd place, 12th World Student GO Oza Championship
  • [Electronic] Tool Box -- championship, 2nd Freescale Cup Qualifying in Japan; qualified for the Freescale Cup

Special Recognition Awards

  • Fencing [Club] -- MATSUBARA Mayumi, got through the preliminaries and advanced to the tournament, Women's individual épée, 66th All-Japan Fencing Competition
  • Rifle Shooting [Club] -- KUNIEDA Keiko, championship, women's digital pistol, West Japan Rifle Shooting Competition & West Japan Sport Pistol Shooting for Recording Official Times
  • Physical Leadership -- Management of the 52nd Seven Universities Meet as a sponsor
  • Environmental GECS [Club] -- Grand Prize, Minister of the Environment Award, 11th All-Japan Environmental Activity Contest for University Students (Ecocon)
  • SUZUKI Seira, M1, Osaka School of International Public Policy --  1st place, Modern Contemporary Division, Solo, Ikeda City Mayor Prize, Passion du Ballet a Kyoto [Kyoto Ballet Competition] 2013
  • Shosekika Project -- publication and PR activities for the book How to Eat a Doughnut Without Eating the Hole, Cross-Border Scholarship -- University Lectures Peeking through the Hole
  • Osaka University Formula Racing Club (OFRAC) -- 2nd place, the 11th All Japan Student Formula Races

Award Ceremony for the 15th Presidential Awards for Extracurricular Activities

Award Ceremony1



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