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Regarding the Osaka University Explanatory Sessions (aka "Open Campuses") for 2018

The schedule for the 2018 Osaka University Explanatory Sessions (aka "Open Campuses") can be found below.

At this or any other time of year, those who plan to visit Osaka University individually may walk freely around campus. However, we ask that you please do not enter any academic or research facilities except those from which you have obtained permission.

To see business hours of restaurants, click here.

"Open Campuses" schedule for 2018

Date Suita Campus Toyonaka Campus Minoh Campus
Monday, August 6
School of Human Sciences

Tuesday, August 7
Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
School of Law

Wednesday, August 8
Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine  School of Letters

Thursday, August 9
School of Dentistry
School of Economics

School of Engineering School of Science
Friday, August 10
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Engineering Science

Saturday, August 11
School of Foreign Studies

Content of explanatory sessions

Outline of Osaka University and its schools, as well as explanations about entrance examinations, laboratory tours, trial lessons, and consultation sessions with current OU students were implemented. To view content of these explanatory sessions, click here. [updated: June 27, 2018]

To view a video of Open Campus at the Division of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, click here.

How to apply (Applications are required to attend Open Campuses)

  1. Only online applications will be accepted.
  2. An email address is required to make an application. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you registered. This email will serve as your entry "ticket," so please bring it on the day of Open Campus. If you do not receive an email confirming your registration, the final screen of the registration process that confirms your registration and contains your registration number may also be used to participate. Even a memo containing this registration number may be used to participate, so make sure you save this information in the case that your confirmation email does not arrive.
  3. Applications are only accepted prior to Open Campuses. We will stop taking applications if the number of applicants reaches capacity for the event.
  4. To attend explanatory sessions at the Division of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, applications must be made to individual department(s). If there are empty slots available, applications to more than one undergraduate school are possible.
  5. Some events held at undergraduate schools require reservations as well. Please make sure to read the details of such events. Please select the corresponding event on the applications screen. Once all slots are filled, applications will no longer be accepted.
  6. Applications are required for each attending individual. Applications will not be accepted by groups. Parents/guardians who will be attending with their children must also make an application; however, we ask that parents/guardians refrain from applying to events that are intended for high school students only. 
  7. If you are applying from a smart phone or cellular phone, please modify your settings to allow email with URL attachments to be received from both [] and []. Each year, there are many cases where confirmation emails cannot be received by applicants.

Details regarding the start date for applications and the application process

  • From 7 a.m. on Thursday, July 5 -- Schools of Letters, Human Sciences, Law, Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Engineering
  • From 7 a.m. on Friday, July 6 -- Schools of Foreign Studies, Economics, Faculty of Medicine (Medicine, Health Sciences), and Dentistry

We will close applications for each event at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 23, 2018 even if capacity is not reached.

Information from the School of Engineering Science can be found on the School of Engineering Science's Homepage for Prospective Students.

Please note:

  1. Because parking on campus is limited, visitors are requested to use public transportation to visit the university. Individuals in need of help in gaining access to the venue are requested to inform the Admission Division in advance (TEL: 06-6879-7098). Access
  2. Any cancellations of Open Campuses due to approaching typhoons, etc. will be announced on the Osaka University official homepage.

Regarding handling of personal information

Any information received will be used to provide information about explanatory sessions, distributing mail magazines, and for the purposes of counting and analysis of applications.

Open seminar for high school students (Applications are no longer being accepted as capacity has been reached.)

Time Venue Content
Monday, August 6, 2018
Institute for Protein Research, Suita Campus Osaka University Institute for Protein Research Seminar #11 - "Special Open Seminar for High School Students: Proteins - The Mysterious Yet Familiar Substance That Supports Life"
For details, click here.

More events to tour the university

Icho Festival (beginning of May)

This is a school festival held in the spring to commemorate the founding of Osaka University (Anniversary of foundation: May 1). At the Icho Festival, you can enjoy booths and stage performances planned by OU students, as well as participate in facility tours, exhibits, and lectures hosted by the schools, graduate school, and research institutes at the university.

• Summer Festival (July 7, 2018)

This is a school festival held in the summer on the Minoh Campus. The festival is full of international flavor, featuring all kinds of booths, music and stage performances, and even bon odori, a traditional Japanese dance performed at summer festivals.

• Machikane Festival (November 2 ~ 4, 2018)

This is Osaka University's school festival. In addition to booths and events run by students, you can experience the latest research and hear mock lectures at laboratory introductions in the School of Science and School of Engineering Science. For additional information, visit these schools' websites.

Nakanoshima Festival (early December 2018)

This is a festival held every year on the Suita campus and hosted by the Faculty of Medicine. In addition to booths and stage performances held by the students of the Faculty of Medicine, there are also leading-edge lectures held by faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine.

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