Guidance in furthering one's education in a university -- Explanatory Sessions

Online career counseling sessions about higher education (intended for high school students, prospective undergraduate students, and their parents)

Our popular Online Career Counseling Sessions are available now!

Osaka University's holds online career counseling sessions about higher education in which high school students, prospective students, and their parents can speak directly with OU staff members.

Last year's sessions were a huge success, with over 770 sessions held. Participants can feel free to ask any questions they want answered, such as “What qualities is OU looking for in its applicants?” and “What's unique about OU?"

Please enter the required information and make your reservation on the reservation website by 5 pm on the day before your selected consultation date . Each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

• The website for reservations can be found here .

Note: These online career counseling sessions are only available in Japanese.

  • These online career counseling sessions utilize the Zoom video conferencing software application. Visit and from the Download Center, click on the Download button under “ミーティング用Zoomクライアント.”
  • Those who require special arrangements should inform the Health and Counseling Center . You can ask about special arrangements in Open Campus, entrance exams, and assistance available for your student life after entering the university. Counseling is also available for individuals who are considering studying at OU.

Contact information

Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs

Email: admission-g[at] (Please replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.)

TEL: 06-6879-7096

*Inquiries by phone will be available on weekdays from 8:30~17:15.

Explanatory Sessions 2021~22

Thinking of pursuing advanced education at a university? Consider attending one of these university explanatory sessions for guidance in selecting the best university for you ! Osaka University will participate in the following explanatory sessions sponsored by outside organizations. Faculty and staff, as well as students (depending on venue) will provide private individual counseling regarding research and education at Osaka University and the entrance examinations.

Please be sure to view the links below for details and the latest information on these university explanatory sessions.

All dates noted below are in 2021.

Please note : Session names have intentionally been left in Japanese because it is inconceivable that they will be promoted with signs written in the Roman alphabet in their respective venues.

*Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the explanatory sessions for higher education in which Osaka University plans to participate may be cancelled or delayed. Information regarding any cancellations or delays will be posted to this page.

Last update: September 7, 2021


Explanatory Session Name

Area Venue
Sat., 10
進学EXPO 2021 in KANSAI(春) Osaka Umeda Sky Building

Online participation available

Wed., 9
九州地区進学説明会 Fukuoka Hotel New Otani Hakata

OU staff will not participate in this session, but OU brochures available at the venue

Wed., 16
大学・短期大学進学相談会 Kanazawa Kanazawa Station Motenashi Dome

Sat., 19 進学EXPO 2021 in KANSAI(初夏) Osaka Umeda Sky Building

Postponed until Saturday, July 3

Sun., 20
大学フェア2021 Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Sat., 3 進学EXPO 2021 in KANSAI(初夏) Osaka Umeda Sky Building

Rescheduled from Saturday, June 19

Mon., 5 沖縄県校内進学相談会 Okinawa Showa Pharmaceutical University High School

OU staff will not participate in this session, but OU brochures available at the venue

Tues., 6 沖縄県校内進学相談会 Okinawa Okinawa Shogaku Senior High School

OU staff will not participate in this session, but OU brochures available at the venue

Sat., 10
Sun., 11
Sun., 11
大学フェア2021 Osaka Grand Front Osaka

Thurs., 22


International Conference Center Hiroshima
Thurs., 22
河合塾主催大学合同説明会「ユニフェスOnline2021」 Online
Fri., 23
河合塾主催大学合同説明会「ユニフェスOnline2021」 Online
Sun., 1
主要大学説明会 Sapporo ACU
Wed., 18
主要大学説明会 Yokohama Pacifico Yokohama

Sun., 22
主要大学説明会 Niigata Toki Messe

Thurs., 26
主要大学説明会 Fukuoka Fukuoka Convention Center

Sat., 28
関西7大学フェスティバル Online

Sun., 29
主要大学説明会 Nagoya Nagoya Congress Center

Sun., 29 国公立大学+関東・関西地区著名私立大学進学相談会 Okayama Okayama International Center Cancelled
Sun., 5
主要大学説明会 Osaka Knowledge Capital, Congress Convention Center Venue changed
Wed., 8
大学・短期大学進学相談会 Kanazawa Kanzawa Station Motenashi Dome

Thurs., 9
大学・短期大学進学相談会 Fukui Phoenix Plaza

Sat., 11
進学EXPO 2021 in KANSAI(秋) Osaka Umeda Sky Building

Mon., 20
中国・四国・近畿地区国立大学合同入試セミナー Okayama Okayama Convention Center
Sun., 26
大学進学フェスタ in KYOTO Kyoto Miyako Messe

Sat., 2

Sun., 3


Sun., 3

大学進学フェスタ in YOKOHAMA Yokohama Pacifico Yokohama

COOP MY ROOM Online Consultations

Have you ever found it difficult to look for an apartment in person because you’re currently living a bit too far away? Perhaps you just want to get information about searching for an apartment prior to your admission? Staff members at COOP MY ROOM are here to respond to your questions and concerns about searching for an apartment via Zoom. Unlike consultations over the phone, you’ll be able to share a screen in real time with staff members while they provide you with advice for your search, making these sessions much more helpful and easier to understand!

For details, click here .

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