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2020 Entrance Examination (for admission in April 2020)

Viewing of questions, sample answers, and intent of questions for the 2020 Entrance Examinations at Osaka University

Originally, Osaka University had planned to allow individuals to access to questions, sample answers, and intent of questions for the 2020 Entrance Examinations at the university in the near future but has decided to postpone it due to the state of emergency declaration from the government on April 8, 2020. Additional information will be posted on this site in the coming days.

You can view questions, correct answers, and intent of questions given during the 2020 Entrance Examinations on the “Past examination questions and answers“ page.

Regarding personal laptop computers

At Osaka University, students use online academic information systems for class registration, viewing grades, and correspondence with the university. In addition to basic information technology and practical English courses for incoming freshmen using e-learning materials, students will use a computer to write reports and graduation theses.

In today’s information-oriented society, acquiring computer skills and information and communication technology (ICT) skills while at university will surely serve you well. Incoming first-year students need to get their own notebook/laptop computer for campus use before the new school year starts.

Osaka University has prepared a rental system for students who have difficulties acquiring a personal laptop computer due to financial circumstances (for rental periods of 6 months or one year) as well as for students who need to temporarily borrow a personal laptop computer for a class due to damages to their device. Please refer to the documents below for more information.

1. Minimum laptop specifications

2. Laptop computer rental system

*The application form for the laptop computer rental system (for use due to financial circumstances) can be found here.


The 2020 Entrance Examinations have ended.

Entrance Examination webpage

You can check the application status for the February Entrance Examinations on this page.

2020 Application Guidelines


Requirements to view the digital brochure 

To print the guidelines, use the print-ready PDF file.

*Those who need to stay at a hotel for the purpose of taking the February Entrance Examination are strongly encouraged to make an early reservation.

The Osaka University COOP gives a helping hand to those who will take entrance exams and need information about student life.

Click the banner below to view the Osaka University COOP website that provides information to students taking entrance exams as well as incoming freshmen:


Note: Osaka University does not arrange hotel accommodations for students.

Schedule [finished]

February Exams

Registration period for the Web Application System

Tuesday, January 14 ~ February 5, 2020

Application acceptance period

Monday, January 27 ~ February 5, 2020

Announcement of successful applicants of the entrance examinations given by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations 

Wednesday, February 12

Individual Achievement Examinations

Tuesday, February 25

Wednesday, February 26
Interviews at the Faculty of Medicine (Medicine) and School of Dentistry only

Announcement of successful applicants of
Individual Achievement Examinations

Monday, March 9

*You can register with the online application system before the application period, but please submit your application forms during the application period.


Quotas [finished]

School of
Department February Exams
Letters Humanities 135
Human Sciences Human Sciences  115
Foreign Studies Foreign Studies Chinese 36

Korean 16

Mongolian 16

Indonesian 10

Filipino 10

Thai 13

Vietnamese 13

Burmese 16

Hindi 16

Urdu 16

Arabic 22

Persian 16

Turkish 16

Swahili 16

Russian 22

Hungarian 13

Danish 16

Swedish 16

German 30

English 54

French 22

Italian 16

Spanish 31

Portuguese 26

Japanese 27

Foreign Studies total 505
Law Law

International Public Policy

Law total 225
Economics Economics and Business



Biological Sciences Biology Course 25

Life Science Course 20

Sciences total 222
Medicine Medicine

Health Sciences Course of Nursing 72

Course of Medical Physics and

Course of Laboratory Science 36

Medicine total 239
Dentistry Dentistry
Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy
Engineering Applied Science

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science

Electronic and Information Engineering

Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering

Global Architecture

Engineering total 736
Engineering Science Electronics and Materials Physics

Chemical Science and Engineering

Systems of Science

Information and Computer Sciences

Engineering Science total 390


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