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Promoting the Tenure Track System

In mid-term managerial policies such as OU Vision 2021 (formulated in 2016-2017) and Osaka University Future Strategies for 2012~2015 (formulated in 2012-2013), Osaka University put the cultivation of young researchers on its strategic agenda to be addressed by the university as a whole. Furthermore, the university aims to secure outstanding young faculty members by making the personnel system more flexible and improving the tenure track system.
Osaka University began working on introducing the tenure track system early on. Two projects from Osaka University: Frontier Research Base for Global Young Researchers (2006) and Life Science Young Independent Researcher Support Program (2008) were selected as "Promotion of Environmental Improvement for Independence of Young Researchers" projects sponsored by the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology.
Furthermore, in 2011, Osaka University was selected as a school to implement the Tenure Track Promotion Project sponsored by Subsidies for Developing Human Resources in Science and Technology. Since then, centering on the Station for Cultivating Young Researchers set up at the Administration Bureau, Osaka University has been promoting the tenure track system throughout the entire university.

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