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Research at OU

Establishment of the Joint Research Chairs & Research Alliance Laboratories

The Joint Research Chairs are designed to enhance the achievement of outstanding research results through support for joint research by university faculty and researchers from the business world. The structure provided by these courses enable the setting up of an independent research organization within a school or facility, after which Osaka University and the company financing the research will be able to conduct research flexibly and quickly. This system, thereby, aims to achieve different results from those that conventional joint research and endowed courses offer.

The Research Alliance Laboratories are designed to serve as a basis for inviting corporate research groups to Osaka University in order to develop university-industry collaborative activities. Companies and Osaka University will expand a mutually profitable relationship through the use of research results in industry, the advancement of research, and the nurturing advanced special personnel through the collaborative use of information, technologies, personnel, and facilities on both sides.

Thanks to the Joint Research Chairs, research can be conducted in the liberal arts, social and natural sciences, and interdisciplinary fields. Any graduate school, research facility, and even the Osaka University Hospital are eligible for this kind of course.

Office for Industry-University Co-Creation

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