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10 Selected Papers

World-Leading Selected Scientific Papers

Each year, many Osaka University researchers publish their research results in scientific papers. 10 Selected Papers are introduced here. All Osaka University researchers were asked to nominate what they considered to be outstanding papers published between early 2009 and early 2010. From the papers suggested, the Editorial Committee chose 100 as being noteworthy and 10 as being especially preeminent. Here, the first page of each of the 10 papers is printed just as it appeared in the original journal along with two pages of comments by the author. If you are interested in any of these 10 papers, please contact the authors by e-mail. The e-mail addresses of the researchers are listed on the Osaka University web site, which you can access by clicking on the link below.

 Humanities & Social Sciences
OKADA Sadayuki -Graduate School of Letters-
[Comparative Standards and the Feasibility of Conceptual Expansion]
PDF iconvol.11_6-8



FUJIOKA Shinsuke and TAKABE Hideaki-Institute of Laser Engineering-
[Miniature of X-ray Star in Osaka University]
PDF iconvol.11_9-11


NOJIRI Masaki and SUZUKI Shinnichiro-Graduate School of Science-
[Atomic Description of Inter-protein Electron Transfer for Biological Nitrite Reduction in the Global Nitrogen Cycle]
PDF iconvol.11_12-14


HARA Takahiro-Graduate School of Information Science and Technology-
[Consistency Management Strategies for Data Replication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks]
PDF iconvol.11_15-17

MINAKATA Satoshi-Graduate School of Engineering-
[A New Process for Chemical CO2 Fixation:Utilization of Weak Interaction with Alcohols]
PDF iconvo.l11_18-20

SATO Kazuyoshi and OHARA Satoshi--Joining and Welding Research Institute-
[Selective Growth of Monoclinic and Tetragonal Zicronia Nanocrystals]
PDF iconvol.11_21-23

TANAKA Hiroyuki and KAWAI Tomoji-The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research-

[Partial Sequencing of a Single DNA Molecule with a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope]
PDF iconvol.11_24-26



TAKEUCHI Osamu and AKIRA Shizuo-Immunology Frontier Research Center-
[Zc3h12a is an RNase Essential for Controlling Immune Responses by Regulating mRNA Decay]
PDF iconvol.11_27-29


NIMURA Keisuke and KANEDA Yasufumi-Graduate School of Medicine-
[A Histone H3 Lysine 36 Trimethyltransferase Links Nkx2-5 to Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome]
PDF iconvol.11_30-32

OKADA-JIKO Chimari and YAMASHITA Eiki-Institute for Protein Research-
[Structure of Pre-microRNA Nuclear Export Machinery]
PDF iconvol.11_33-35





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