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The "We can't dispose of that!" Project and the Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology

1. Project to Extend the Life of Infrastructure for Education and Research

The Project to Extend the Life of Infrastructure for Education and Research was begun in 2007. The Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology serves as the hub for this project. This project aims to renovate expensive older laboratory equipment, making the equipment available for extended use by repairing or upgrading it at the expense of the school possessing such.

In addition to enabling older research equipment to regain its usefulness, this new system has benefited administrators in charge of equipment by reducing expenses for repair and upgrading. Additionally, faculty and staff of other schools are now able to use expensive equipment that their school doesn't have. The number of renovated laboratory apparatuses has been increasing and 76 renovated apparatuses are registered as of August 2012. Of these 76 apparatuses, 7 are available to other universities and research facilities as well.

Most commonly registered items are elemental analyzers, nuclear magnetic resonators (NMR), mass spectroscopes, X-ray diffractometers, and electron microscopes. Also registered and expected to be used in new areas are special laboratory equipment such as an extreme ultraviolet plasma discharger and a high-power glass laser system.

Regarding the effects of extending the use of such apparatuses, an NMR purchased a couple of decades ago has been renovated under this system and its performance, function, ease of operation, and processing abilities have been greatly improved. As a result, the equipment is now quite user-friendly. Also, the increased number of users has decreased the idle time of the NMR.

As in the case with a DNA sequencer, it provides valuable use in specified areas, but an upgraded model has not been manufactured yet; thus, the current model has been renovated under this system and is now in more continuous use. (To view renovated apparatuses, click here.)

2012 is the 5th year of this system. The use of such apparatuses by users from other schools is 329,  by users from the school that originally owned the equipment, 13,334, and by users from other universities and research facilities, 7.

We hope that equipment administrators and researchers understand this system as a way of improving the educational environment and ask for their cooperation. Additionally, there is a recycle board on the Renovation Center's website for equipment no longer needed in a laboratory and school. Please make good use of this service, too.

The Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology provides one more type of support for education and research, a task it took over from the former Manufacturing Center. Incidentally, the Renovation Center manufactured a vacuum type low-temperature device using recycled parts and promote the use of recycled parts.

2. Project to develop Innovative Education Infrastructure

The Project to Develop Innovative Education Infrastructure is a five-year project whose budget was approved in 2008. The advanced equipment development room of our center has taken the lead in conducting seven development projects in cooperation with faculty members and engineers.

By developing equipment with more advanced functions and broader utility than conventional commercial products using Osaka University's power of development and research, we improve equipment to meet user needs in the research environment, improve advanced education and research facilities at the university, and make such equipment available to users within and from outside the university.

Two items of equipment in 2010 and one item in 2011 were developed and completed and preparation is underway for offering them for joint use  by researchers at and from outside Osaka University. To learn about these two these projects, visit the Renovation Center's pages here.

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