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Unique Aspects

Promoting Ability to see beneath the Surface, beneath the Appearance, and to Ascertain the true Essence

Osaka University promotes advanced scientific research in new fields by strongly encouraging a solid foundation in "The Basics" in order to provide students with a broader and deeper viewpoint.

Institute for Academic Initiatives (IAI), Osaka University

The program for promoting the improvement of research universities

Osaka University will further promote the globalization of research, the development of young researchers and increase diversity, a source of development of scholarship, by employing more female faculty and international faculty members. Furthermore, under the leadership of the president, the university will create a research environment where researchers from all over the world will gather and further improve the university's excellence in research. The university support scientists financially and intellectually, by allocating increased budgets for research and employment of faculty members and providing researchers with advice from research administrators (RAs) and more.

Exciting Leading-Edge Research Projects at Osaka University

CLIC-ON -- A Program for training Young Researchers in inspired Innovation

Osaka University's mid-term plan includes CLIC-ON (Cooperation toward Leadership in Innovative Creation -- Open-innovation Network), a program, under the leadership of the president, for nurturing researchers. It is hoped that this program will become a national model.

The "We can't dispose of that!" Project and the Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology

In 2007, the Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology started the Project to Extend the Life of Infrastructure for Education and Research. This project renovates and upgrades expensive laboratory equipment, equipment that may no longer be the latest, most advanced model, however, equipment that is still quite capable of providing valuable research results. Upgraded and renovated, this equipment is then made available to a greatly expanded number of users throughout the university.

Exciting Leading-Edge Research Projects and HISHO 30

Osaka University actively promotes researchers, their research, and university-industry collaboration.

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