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Undergraduate Research Support Project

Usually, students in their early years study fundamental topics through classes and lectures, while those in their later years study in specialized fields in seminars and laboratories at a university.

However, there are those students who also want to study outside of their field of study, or want to begin doing more specific research, or even those who just can't wait to be assigned to a seminar or laboratory.

This Undergraduate Research Support Project began in 2015 with the idea that it could become the motivation for those kinds of students to take the first step. In 2017, the third year, 39 groups, consisting of some 100 undergraduate students, performed research.
This third year, the 13 departments from 11 undergraduate schools and faculty in OU have set research topics that suit their distinct characteristics. This year, an additional department has been added so that students can perform research that does not meet application requirements. This is your chance to cross over departmental lines and do the research that you want to do outside of the field of your study.
With research expenses and an advisor to guide you, we hope many students will participate actively in independent research and make the best use of OU, a great source of knowledge.

For more details, please view the Guidelines and Application Forms for Independent Research.

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