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Osaka University Independent Research Workshop

Date and Time

Monday, May 2, 2016 (2nd day of the Icho Festival)
13:00 ~ 16:50


1F Assembly Hall, Osaka University Hall, Toyonaka Campus
(#31 on this map of the Toyonaka Campus)


Presenters from each Undergraduate School

*You can view the research outcomes report of each research project by clicking on the topic. (Research outcomes reports in Japanese)

1. School of Letters

Research Topic: Reconsideration of history of thought in ancient China using newly unearthed documents
Applicant/Representative: MIWA Daiki (2nd year, School of Letters)
Research Collaborator: TEI Shoji (2nd year, School of Letters)
Faculty Advisor: NAKAMURA Miki

2. School of Human Sciences

Research Topic: Children in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan
Applicant/Representative: BHATTI Amuto (3rd year, School of Human Sciences)
Faculty Advisor: OTANI Junko (Graduate School of Human Sciences)

3. School of Foreign Studies

Research Topic: Can Mongolia be a peace maker in East Asia?
Applicant/Representative: TAKESHITA Yuki (3rd year, School of Foreign Studies)
Research Collaborator: UEMURA Yusuke (3rd year, School of Foreign Studies)
Faculty Advisor: IMAOKA Ryoko (Graduate School of Language and Culture)

4. School of Law

Research Topic: Survey on the relationship between political climate and various statistics
Applicant/Representative: SAKUMA Hiroshi (1st year, School of Engineering Science)
Faculty Advisor: KOHARA Miki (Osaka School of International Public Policy)

5. School of Economics

Research Topic: A new approach to the gap: the gap as seen from history and behavioral economics
Applicant/Representative: YOSHIMURA Akio (3rd year, School of Economics)
Research Collaborator: SHIMOSHIMIZU Makoto (3rd year, School of Economics)
Faculty Advisor: OHNISHI Masamitsu (Graduate School of Economics)

6. School of Science

Research Topic: Chief ingredients of fragrance in fruits and systematic synthesis of derivative substances
Applicant/Representative: INOUE Masamichi (1st year, School of Science)
Research Collaborators: TAMAOKI Shuhei (1st year, School of Science), MORIGUCHI Tatsuya (1st year, School of Science)
Faculty Advisor: TSUCHIKAWA Hiroshi (Graduate School of Science)

7. Faculty of Medicine

Research Topic: Looking ahead towards international treatment from the internationalization of Osaka University Hospital
Applicant/Representative: OH Shunpei (3rd year, Faculty of Medicine)
Research Collaborators: ASATO Miyuri (2nd year, Faculty of Medicine), OOI Ryo (1st year, Faculty of Medicine)
Faculty Advisor: NAKATA Ken (Graduate School of Medicine)

8. School of Allied Health Sciences

Research Topic: Classification of microglial properties based on contact with other cells in mix glial culture
Applicant/Representative: KOJIMA Chika (3rd year, School of Allied Health Sciences)
Faculty Advisor: INAGAKI Shinobu (Graduate School of Medicine)

9. School of Dentistry

Research Topic: Analysis of the pathogenic mechanism of severe pneumonia from co-infection with streptococcus pneumoniae and influenza
Applicant/Representative: TAKAHARA Yuki (4th year, School of Dentistry)
Faculty Advisor: SUMITOMO Tomoko (Graduate School of Dentistry)

10. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topic: Clinical competency and clinical research ability required in the Pharm.D course at Osaka University
Applicant/Representative: FUKUDA Yuya (3rd year, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Research Collaborator: KUSUMOTO Miki (3rd year, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Faculty Advisor: MAEDA Shinichirou (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

11. Engineering

Research Topic: Establishment of methodologies of actual measurement and design aimed at raising the accuracy of numerical analysis in aerodynamic design of compact race cars
Applicant/Representative: IKEDA Shuhei (2nd year, School of Engineering)
Research Collaborator: KOIDE Ayako (1st year, School of Engineering Science)
Faculty Advisor: YOSHIDA Kenji (Graduate School of Engineering)

12. Engineering Science

Research Topic: Building a robot to predict trajectory of and return a badminton shuttle
Applicant/Representative: GOTO Ryosuke (3rd year, School of Engineering Science)
Faculty Advisor: MASHITA Tomohiro (Cybermedia Center)

13. Additional Projects

Research Topic: Research on opposite age effect - testing in separate occupational groups
Applicant/Representative: OMOYA Karin
Research Collaborator: AIMA Kanako
Faculty Advisor: OHTAKE Fumio (Institute of Social and Economic Research)

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