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Promoting Communication via OPUS

What is O+PUS -- Osaka University plus Panasonic Universal Sight?

In order to facilitate information flow among the various members of the university community, 14 large video monitors donated by Panasonic Corporation were installed at pivotal hubs on Osaka University's campuses -- 7 on the Toyonaka campus, 4 on the Suita campus, 2 on the Minoh campus, and 1 at the Nakanoshima Center. (28 video monitors are installed as of June 2015 -- 12 on the Toyonaka campus, 12 on the Suita campus, 3 on the Minoh campus, and 1 at the Nakanoshima Center.)

In addition to a flow of information from the university to viewers, movies created by students, and other informative and creative works are broadcast on these 1920 x 1080 mm high-definition monitors. By viewing, for example, student-created movies, more students become interested in creating such, an approach that aims to improve image literacy education and nurture the sensitivity, creativity, and enthusiasm of students.

Thus far broadcast content includes things such as:


Application for broadcasting

• OPUS Twitter Account

A few more words about "O+PUS"

The plus mark between O and P represents the cooperative relationship between Osaka University and Panasonic Corporation for this advanced image-sharing system. Furthermore, thanks to this system, various broadcasts can be universally seen on all Osaka University campuses.

Finally, it might be noted that the word "opus" refers to an artistic composition or work, particularly one in music. Thus, it is hoped that an end result of Osaka University's O+PUS will be increased creativity, sensitivity and harmony among the "citizens" of Osaka University.

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