Live Locally, Grow Globally

Unique Aspects

Designing an Educational Environment for Students

Aiming to build an environment in which students can fully realize their abilities and potential, Osaka University focuses on creating an education environment where students can actively participate in learning.

Learning Commons, Global Commons, and Student Commons

Learning Commons are areas in which students can discuss, seek knowledge, and think together. The Toyonaka campus Global Commons is a space for enhancing chances for international student and Japanese student exchange. The Student Commons has areas for events such as presentations and extracurricular activities.

Improving University Libraries

Based on the belief that excellent universities have excellent libraries, Osaka University continually strives to improve and strengthen the functioning of its libraries as a foundation of academic information. In addition to the Main Library (with the second largest floor space of any library in Japan), the university has 3 libraries -- the Life Sciences Library, the Science and Engineering Library, and the International Studies Library.

Comprehensive Software Contract

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement concluded by Osaka University enables all computers managed by the university to be upgraded to the latest Windows OS and run the latest version of MS Office.

Access to primary sources -- "Campus Members"

Osaka University considers exposure to primary sources very important and provides faculty, staff, and students with opportunities to be exposed to culture, art, science, and history. The university has, therefore, joined group contracts with various facilities housing primary source materials in the Kansai region. Consequently, persons from Osaka University can enter a large number of such facilities without charge.

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