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Unique Aspects

Basic Seminars

"Basic Seminars" were established as a feature of the advanced liberal arts curriculum at Osaka University in the 2010-2011 academic year. In less than a year, Basic Seminars established themselves as the most popular subject, one in which a limited number of students learn through roundtable-type discussions with a teacher.

These seminars take many forms: experiment-focused, practice-focused, debate-style, and seminars focused on fieldwork and/or career development as well as seminars integrating literature and science. There are also "discovery seminars" in which participants jointly "discover" an issue to examine. Since the 2010-2011 academic year, high school students have been able to participate in advanced liberal arts seminars targeted at first year university students. Moreover, from 2011-2012, the President plans to recommend topics and vehicles to further promote Basic Seminars.

Students participate in an Interactive Basic Seminar in an Open Seminar room


Basic Fieldwork Seminar

The following two pictures show students studying architecture and urban planning in a basic fieldwork seminar.


At Tekijuku, a traditional machiya [town house], students listen to Associate Professor Suzuki as they learn about the use and meaning of space.


In Yodoko Guest House (designed by the world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright) students view and learn about the environmentally-friendly factor of the high windows placed in the room for ventilation.

Experiment-type & Training Basic Seminar


Using the AMOEBA water tank, students study wave action on a ship.



Students and their teacher at the end of a training voyage on the training ship Fukae-maru.

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