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Distinguished Professor FUKUZUMI visits Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Inazono Senior High School

In January 2014, Osaka University and the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in order to provide high school students with a variety of opportunities for learning and support for higher education through cooperation between the university and senior high schools. Based on this agreement, the President and Executive Vice Presidents have been visiting senior high schools.

As part of this project, on March 18, FUKUZUMI Shun-ichi (Osaka University Distinguished Professor) visited Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Inazono Senior High School and talked to some 280 fist-year students.

In his lecture titled "Energy in the Future -- Using Sea Water as Energy," looking back to the 1st oil crisis when people had rushed to supermarkets to buy toilet paper and the 2nd oil crisis, he talked about the energy issue that we may face in the future.


"What happens twice will happen three times."

Distinguished Professor Fukuzumi, who was sure that we would have another oil crisis in the future, spoke about the possibilities of hydrogen peroxide, a new fuel alternative to oil. Artificial photosynthesis is a process that converts oxygen in the air and sea water to energy by using sunlight.

Distinguished Professor Fukuzumi enthusiastically said, "Artificial photosynthesis will become our lifesaver. This technique will save us from the danger that fossil fuel, a product of photosynthesis, will deplete and we will suffer from global warming by climate change in the 21st century." He also introduced Osaka University with a sense of humor. Students eagerly listened to his talk and watched videos of experiments using hydrogen peroxide as a fuel.


The professor encouraged students, saying "The biggest challenge for the 21st century is the realization of artificial photosynthesis. We have not achieved that. Its success depends on your efforts." He concluded his lecture by saying, "In order to secure prosperity for future generations, we need to put artificial photosynthesis into practical use within this century, otherwise, future generations will blame us. I put my hope on you."

Osaka University will continue to visit senior high schools in Hyogo Prefecture in order to explain about education and research at OU and express just how wonderful learning can be.

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