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Executive Vice President Ohtake visits Hyogo Prefectural Takarazuka Kita Senior High School

At Osaka University, in order to convey just how interesting and appealing university research and education can be, the President and Executive Vice Presidents of Osaka University, in a collaborative effort with the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education, have been actively holding lectures and social gatherings at select Senior High Schools.

As the last of these visits for the 2014-2015 academic year, on Thursday, March 19, 2015, Exective Vice President OHTAKE Fumio visited Hyogo Prefectural Takarazuka Kita Senior High School and held a lecture in front of some 65 first- and second-year students with an intent to enter Osaka University or who just want to enter a School of Economics.

When you take a look at "economics," does it seem like it has nothing to do with you?

Through Executive Vice President OHTAKE's lecture entitled "Thinking About Familiar Questions Through Economics," the students were able to learn just how closely related economics is to our own everyday actions and decisions.

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The students were able to get a peek into the world of economics, a world they likely had never seen before, by looking at common ground between economics and everyday life through examples such as the sunk cost of lettuce disposal by farmers and the opportunity cost and time discounting of not continuing education after high school.

Executive Vice President OHTAKE added, "Economics is not used to make money, but rather, it proves useful in many facets of our lives," to which the students took out their notebooks and began enthusiastically taking notes, an impressive sight.

At first, there was an air of nervousness, but as time went on, the students began actively sharing their own ideas and opinions in a comfortable environment. This 90 minute lecture was a bit different from their high school classes where they are taught by their instructors; in this lecture, through thinking together with their instructor, they were able to learn for themselves, while enjoying a more active participation style similar to what you would find at a university.

After each theme in this lecture, a quiz session was held, and, as a surprise, the student who participated the most actively was given a small cell phone strap of Osaka University's mascot character, "Dr. Wani."

Next academic year, Osaka University will continue to actively visit the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education and senior high schools in Hyogo Prefecture in order to explain about education and research at OU and express just how wonderful learning can be.

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