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Executive Vice President Aimoto visits Hyogo Prefectural Nagata Senior High School

In January 2014, Osaka University and the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in order to provide high school students with a variety of opportunities for learning and support for higher education through cooperation between the university and senior high schools. Based on this agreement, AIMOTO Saburo (Executive Vice President) visited Hyogo Prefectural Nagata Senior High School on February 19, 2015.

Following the introduction to Osaka University, Executive Vice President Aimoto expressively talked to 40 first-year students in this special class about what dreams he had had as a senior high school student and how he achieved them after all sorts of troubles and difficulties.


In the following lecture about proteins, although it seemed to be a bit difficult to understand, the students listened to his talk with an eager attitude.. They gazed earnestly at 3D computer graphics of the structure of lysozyme and did their best to try and take in the content of the lecture -- which was very impressive.


In bacteriolytic action experiments using egg-white lysozyme, the students paid close attention to their hands shaking test tubes, enjoying the experiments while showing some hopeful nervousness regarding results.


Seeing Executive Vice President Aimoto happily and energetically giving a lecture on his research theme of proteins, the students seemed to understand how great and fulfilling it is to choose their own course and do their best to achieve their goals.

Following his lecture, seeing students who expressed their thanks and left the room, we gave them this farewell: "We're waiting for you at OU." Their shy smile convinced us that we would indeed see them again. 

Osaka University will visit senior high schools in Hyogo Prefecture in order to explain about education and research at OU and express just how wonderful learning can be.

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