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Joint Workshop by Super Science High Schools (SSH) in Hyogo Prefecture held

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, a joint workshop featuring Super Science High Schools (SSH) was held at Osaka University Hall under the sponsorship of Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education. In keeping with the agreement between Osaka University and Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education signed on January 21, 2014, a first step of their efforts, this workshop was held in order to involve student groups in problem-solving, the making of presentations, and to present them with an opportunity to listen to comments from university faculty, thereby fostering their academic development and motivation to learn.

Before the actual start of the workshop section, Trustee & Vice President HIGASHIJIMA Kiyoshi delivered a special lecture entitled "To those of you aiming to go to university." He talked about the type of student universities hoped to enroll, what type of person Osaka University hoped to cultivate, and the importance of not overlooking what you yourself want to learn when choosing your courses, as well as the allure of he found in elementary particle physics.

Later, to the question from a student, "How can we acquire a self-motivated learning mindset when we are overwhelmed with entrance exam preparation?", he replied, "When trying to achieve something, put forth your whole energy. Don't be bothered by your mistakes. It happens often that asking why will lead the way to the correct answer. I hope you will come to university carrying many questions that you cannot answer now."

His speech was followed by presentations by student groups from the different schools. Each group decided how to handle the topic they chose, thereby deepening their involvement, and presented the results of their experiments, surveys, and investigations. More than 200 students from 6 SSHs (Kakogawa Higashi Senior High School, Amagasaki Oda Senior High School, Sanda Shounkan Senior High School, Akashi Kita Senior High School, Tatsuno Senior High School, Toyooka Senior High School) and other schools such as Nagata Senior High School, Himeji Shikisai Senior High School, and Aioi Senior High School visited Osaka University and participated in the workshop in an academic atmosphere. There was also a Q and A session between the students and faculty members. Osaka University faculty members serving as commentators were pleasantly surprised with the high quality of the presentations and spoke of their expectations for the students' growth.

At the end of the presentations, SATO Kosuke, Vice Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Science commended the students' achievements, saying, "One can complete a research project by making use of the three Ps: Plan, Practice, and Publication or Presentation. Things may never work out as we expect, but I think you have successfully coped with the pressure here and have grown stronger."

Osaka University will continue to promote cooperation with high schools through these workshops and other approaches in order to nurture global personnel as leaders of the next generation.

Trustee & Vice President Higashijima

Presentation by high school students

Presentation by high school students

Presentation by high school students

Presentation by high school students

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