Live Locally, Grow Globally

Unique Aspects

Agreement with the Board of Education, Osaka Prefecture

Under the motto "Live Locally, Grow Globally," Osaka University works on providing world-class education and research in order to nurture personnel capable of seeking and elucidating the essence of things. The university aims to produce leaders who can be active in the international world in accordance with the university's educational principles of "critical thinking," "design prowess," and "transcultural communicability." The conclusion of the cooperation agreements with the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education guided Osaka University to promote a relationship with senior high schools in Osaka in order to make further efforts to nurture outstanding personnel from the local communities.
Since then, Osaka University and Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS) have implemented more than 100 collaboration projects a year such as sending instructors, providing mock classes, classes open to the public, and lab tours. OU will build a system to integrate senior high schools and the university in order to develop excellent personnel through these efforts.
Osaka University hopes that senior high school students will be highly motivated to study by experiencing intellectually stimulating lessons and viewing advanced research at Osaka University. It is also hoped that the students will decide to study at university as a process for them to achieve their dreams as they consider the future courses open to them in their lives.

To read more about the signing ceremony on the cooperation agreements, go here.

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