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Osaka University Tour 2014 (Nov. 16, 2014)

On November 16, in order to introduce the merits and allure of Osaka University to high school students, Osaka University Tour 2014 was held for students from 10 Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS), high schools so designated by Osaka Prefectural Board of Education. Some 300 students from the 10 schools attended this event in the Auditorium of Osaka University Hall.

The special event started with a talk by HIGASHIJIMA Kiyoshi (Executive Vice President), explaining about Osaka University, its history and ambitions. He also declared that the university had many dreams and possessed an environment where students were able to achieve their dreams.

Following his talk, the students were divided into 4 groups and attended special lectures:

"Introduction to the solar system chronology -- the history of the sun as estimated from meteors" by TERADA Kentarou (Professor, Graduate School of Science), "Ultraprecise molecular machines working in living creatures" by IMADA Katsumi (Professor, Graduate School of Science), "Techniques for obtaining information from persons and rules of witness examination -- mock cross-examination of a witness to a fairy tale" by MIZUTANI Norio (Professor, Osaka University Law School), and "What is security in Japan? -- considering the Asia Pacific Region in turbulence" by SUGITA Yoneyuki (Professor, Graduate School of Language and Culture).

The lecture in a mock court and interactive classes seemed to stimulate the senior high school students' curiosity. They were satisfied with these lectures, saying, "The classes were really interesting." and "These were valuable experiences that we couldn't have had at high school."

OU Tour 2014

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