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Joint Workshop by 10 Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS) held (Feb. 7, 2015)

On Saturday, February 7, 2014, the Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS) held a joint workshop at Osaka University Hall under the sponsorship of Osaka Prefectural Board of Education and Osaka University.

The objective of the workshop was for students belonging to GLHS to learn from each other through conducting research in the arts and sciences and by making presentations. It also aimed to increase students' motivation for learning, and their ability to problem-solve and make presentations through such activities. This was the third workshop held since Osaka University and the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education began their cooperative effort in July 2012.

Following the greeting from Board of Education Office Director TSUDA Hitoshi, Vice President SHIMODA Tadashi expressed his hope, saying "I want you to understand what it means to learn while you are in high school. Accepting what you are given is not enough. You need to think on your own and open up a new horizon."

After student representatives explained in English about subjects they had selected, they made presentations in both Japanese and English. The first presentation was made by students from Osaka Prefectural Ikuno Senior High School. Under the theme of "Music Therapy -- Using Tone Chimes", they made a presentation on music therapy and its relaxing effects, after which they held a performance before a live audience.

Students' presentations have improved year by year, they were highly praiased by those in attendance, including Executive Vice President SHIMODA Tadashi, AZUMA Akihiko (Dean, School of Foreign Studies), ARIKAWA Tomoko (Dean, Center for International Education and Exchange), OSAKA Mariko (Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences), YAMAMOTO Beverley Anne (Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences), NAKAMURA Masaki (Associate Professor, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences), and Sastia Prama Putri (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering).

Following the presentations, some GLHS students who participated in training in the U.S. talked about their experience. Students who had taken part in classes at world-class universities such as Harvard University said that it was important to work hard without giving up so that they could play a global leadership role.

At the end of the presentations, the GLHS Evaluation Council Member, ASANO Ryoichi (Professor, Hyogo University of Teacher Education) delivered an inspiring message, saying, "I hope you will contribute to society by making use of your capacity." Vice President Shimoda also encouraged students, saying "Spread your wings to the world."

glhs 1

Vice President Shimoda delivers opening address

glhs 2

Ikuno Senior High School students perform music therapy

glhs 3

Professor Osaka comments on students' performance

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