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Handai-GLHS Special offering: Handai Talk LIVE -- Listen to what upper class students have to say!

Report by the Project Management Team (PMT), Management Planning Division

On Sunday, October 20 and Sunday, October 27, Handai Talk LIVE was held at Osaka University Hall. (Supported by: Osaka University, in cooperation with: Osaka Prefectural Global Leaders High Schools) In this Handai Talk LIVE, upper class students, faculty and staff members (who had graduated from a GLHS) talked about the allure of Osaka University and the real joy of scholarship and research to GLHS students interested in attending Osaka University. This event was aimed at motivating them to study at Osaka University.

To this end, Handai Talk LIVE was held on two days: one, on Sunday, October 20, was for students hoping to go to natural science schools (the schools of Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Engineering Science) and the other, on Sunday, October 27, was for students hoping to go to liberal arts schools (the schools of Letters, Human Sciences, Foreign Studies, Law, Economics). After special classes taught by faculty members who graduated from a GLHS, panel discussions and individual counseling by current OU students were conducted.

In special classes for students hoping to go to natural science schools, KURAMITSU Seiki, Professor, Graduate School of Science, who graduated from Kitano High School, gave a talk entitled "Elucidating the mysterious world of life through the concerted efforts of scientists". He talked about the pleasure of challenges, saying that if one could clarify the mystery-shrouded functions of genes, one could win the Nobel Prize.

In special classes for students hoping to go to liberal arts schools, MURATA Michihito, Professor, Graduate School of Letters, who graduated from Tennoji High School, talked about "The role of merchants not covered in textbooks during the Edo Era." He talked about the importance of looking at things from a new viewpoint by citing an example, showing how the system for controlling farmers in the Edo Era was different from the image most people had.

Students listened to the classes seriously and seemed to feel the pleasure and difficulty of study at a university.

In the panel discussions which followed, current OU university students, including graduates of GLHSs, gave advice based on their experiences about when they started to prepare for entrance examinations, how long they studied, and how they overcame their weakest subjects. They also talked about the changes in their impressions and living conditions after entering the university and challenges they look forward to in their futures.

Later, in a question and answer session, students asked them how they managed both study and club activities and about the key to concentrating on studying.

Many students participated in the individual counseling sessions held at the assembly hall and asked upper class students about things that they hadn't been able to ask.

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