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7th Toyonaka City Design Award

As one of the projects in celebration of Osaka University's 80th anniversary in 2011, the Osaka University Hall environs were restored and beautified. Subsequently, that restoration and beautification work became a recipient of the 7th Toyonaka City Design Award.

This beautification project was drafted following discussions and workshops with local people. Osaka University Hall, designated as a national tangible cultural asset, was renovated, preserving its historical appearance and reborn as a public location, open to citizens and the local community.

Financed by the Osaka University Hall Fund, the renovation work on Osaka University Hall was carried out in such a way as to make it representative of Osaka University and as a model facility promoting environmentally-friendly technologies.

Housing Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, the Hall also houses two auditoriums and an innovation display room. Furthermore, the Hall promotes university-community collaboration, university-industry collaboration, international collaboration and exchange, as well as education and research activities.

OU Hall 1


OU Hall 2

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