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Electricity Consumption Visualization System

Why visualize Electricity Consumption?

The Electricity Consumption Visualization System is a tool for displaying when, where, and how much electricity is being used on Osaka University campuses. In this system, the consumption of electricity of each major building is measured and recorded. This data is then collected via the campus network and an analysis of the data is posted on the campus portal site. (The portal site is for Osaka University personnel only; however, pertinent images are posted below.)

By introducing this system, Osaka University intends to enhance and improve the efficiency of electricity use on its campuses. The collected and analyzed data will be broadcast via the portal in order to improve the awareness of OU personnel to how much electricity is being consumed at any one time and the need for conservation.


The daily consumption of electricity on Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh campuses is displayed in graphs. The bars show the consumption level of electricity every hour. The solid red line shows this year's consumption in relation to a goal of a 8.7% reduction in consumption (excluding hospitals on the Suita campus). As already stated, the data in these graphs will be updated every 60 minutes.

Electricity consumption on Suita Campus


Electricity consumption on Toyonaka Campus


Electricity consumption on Mihoh Campus

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