Live Locally, Grow Globally

Unique Aspects

Promoting Society and University Cooperation

Osaka University is committed to promoting cooperation with local communities and society under its motto "Live Locally, Grow Globally." In order to further advance this goal, the university has established Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, an institution for facilitating such university-community cooperative activities.

Seminars and Lectures open to the Public

Kaitokudo for the 21st Century

The origins of Osaka University can be traced back to Kaitokudo, a gakumonjo ("place of learning") in the 18th century, and Tekijuku, a gakumonjo started by a prominent doctor in the 19th century. Both of these early institutes possessed a free and forward-looking academic culture and a close relationship with the local community. Inheriting this spirit and philosophy, Osaka University established Kaitokudo for the 21st Century as a place of learning for citizens and members of the university. Kaitokudo for the 21st Century takes the initiative in promoting university-industry activities in cooperation with citizens.

University-Community Collaboration Activities at Art Area B1

The Lab Café, the major program at the Art Area B1, was designed and is implemented by the Center for the Study of Communication-Design. The Lab Café is an interactive program in which participants freely discuss various topics.

Ebisu Otoko @ Handai Slope

Ebisu-Otoko @ Handai Slope is an event for choosing "Ebisu Otoko" ["Lucky Men"] and "Ebisu Musume" [Lucky Women]. It consists of a race held on January 10th each year. OU students and members of local communities participate in the race. Participants run up the steep slope -- the "Handai Slope" -- linking Osaka University's Toyonaka Campus to the Ishibashi district. This event was started for the purpose of giving local people a sense of familiarity with and connection to the Handai Slope and to publicize the slope as a "bridge" from their community to Osaka University.

Electricity Consumption Visualization System

The Electricity Consumption Visualization System is a tool for displaying when, where, and how much electricity is being used on Osaka University's campuses and, thereby, contribute to energy conservation and a reduced carbon footprint.

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