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Tomorrow's Pioneers

Viewing the Past through 'mokkan' [thin pieces of wood used to write on in ancient times] and Gardens

The theme of this issue of "Tomorrow's Pioneer's" is "Viewing." Areas of study expand through viewing. The pioneers of this issue are Associate Professor Hiroki ICHI and Associate Professor Koji KUWAKINO. Associate Professor ICHI conducts research in 'mokkan' of ancient Japan; Associate Professor KUWAKINO conducts research in Italian gardens of the early modern era. Together they command a broad perspective on history through direct research in people's life styles in the past.

World's Preeminent Immunology Studies at Osaka University

The Key to Robot Control Lies in the Adept Movement of Living Things

The Mystery of Skin Pattern Formation and Blinking -- Unraveling a Life System Riddle

Representing a New Perspective of World History from Viewpoints of Japan and Asia

Curiosity Common to Humankind -- Elucidating the Evolution of Life from the Dawn of Time to the Birth of the Solar System

Language Conveys Culture, Society, and Times

Challenging Possibilities of Material Research by Learning from Nature

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