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GLOCOL Seminar Series - The University and Globalization: "The Making of Fieldwork, Internship and Experiential Learning Programs"

2015-12-4 (Fri) 17:00 - 18:30

The University and Globalization
From Osaka University GLOCOL's 9 Years of Experience

Established in April 2007, the Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL), under collaboration between organizations both inside the university and out, has entered various regional societies both inside Japan and abroad through research, education, and practical work, taking the problems of those people head on. In recent years, universities have been marching toward globalization, complete societal globalization on the horizon, and the activity at GLOCOL has set a precedent for this global shift. As of March 2016, the GLOCOL Project will come to a close, but how did GLOCOL face globalization and what kind of results did it produce? We'd like to share some of the results and lessons learned to this point, as well as the challenges for the future over a series of 4 seminars.

Seminar #3: The Making of Fieldwork, Internship and Experiential Learning Programs - Sharing the Experiences and Lessons Learned from GLOCOL•FIELDO

The places of learning provided by a university are not just on campus, but in other places as well, including overseas. In the 5 years since the Fieldwork, Internship and Experiential Learning Design Office (FIELDO) has been established, it has sent some 400 students overseas. At this seminar, we'll share with faculty members from inside OU and out the know-how cultivated in FIELDO, such as important points to consider in the planning of fieldwork, internship and experiential learning programs, building an internal framework, advance preparation with program locations overseas, and risk management.

This seminar is designed for faculty members both affiliated with Osaka University and those from outside of OU.


TSURUGA Kazuto (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL)
HONJO Kaori (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL)
ANDO Yukari (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, GLOCOL)
KATAYAMA Ayumi (Specially Appointed Administrative Officer, GLOCOL)


WAGURI Momoe (Associate Professor, Fukuoka Women's University)


TSURUGA Kazuto (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL)

Date: 2015-12-4 (Fri) 17:00 - 18:30
Organizer: Osaka University Global Collaboration Center
Venue: Large Meeting Room, Icho Kaikan
Registration: Registration by email is required for this seminar.
Contact: Osaka University Global Collaboration Center

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