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Osaka University & Osaka Gas: Academic Cooking, Vol. 57 -- Eat, Drink, and Change the World from the Kitchen: British Imperial Pudding and Roast Beef

2015-3-24 (Tue) 18:30 - 21:00

Kaitokudo for the 21st Century and Osaka Gas have jointly been holding a series of unique lectures on certain foods followed by the cooking and eating that food. Joining us for "volume" 57 of this series of learning through cooking is Associate Professor HASHIMOTO Yorimitsu of the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka University. This lecture is sure to be interesting, so don't miss out!

Sugar with the inscription "East India Sugar Not Made by Slaves" was sold about 200 years ago in a United Kingdom free of slavery. This was inscribed onto the sugar that was made in colonies of Great Britain during that period. Even though there are varying opinions on the reputation of British cuisine, what is certain is that the origin of fair trade and dietary education lies in the UK. Changing the world from the kitchen by selecting ingredients that would benefit overseas producers and domestic vendors. At times, these kinds of changes are even more important than the flavor of the dish itself.

"British Imperial Pudding" is an extreme example of this. Ingredients are chosen from colonies all over the world and mixed together to make one dish. It's a dessert billed as being a symbol of the British Empire of the 1920's. And this lecture could perhaps mark the first time it has ever been prepared in Japan. Of course, we'll have some familiar favorites as well. Along with the pudding, we'll also enjoy some roast beef, which is seen as a iconic dish from the United Kingdom. Let's compare the Britain of the past and present, and delve a bit more into the origins of the imperial image.

•Date and Time: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 -- 18:30~21:00

•Lecturer: HASHIMOTO Yorimitsu (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University)

Capacity: 28 (We will hold a lottery if the number of applicants exceeds this number)

Who may attend? Anyone over the age of 15 may attend this lecture

•Dishes to be prepared: British Imperial Pudding and Roast Beef: British Dishes that Changed the World from the Kitchen

Fee: 2,100 yen (Tax included)

Application Period: Sunday, February 1st~Tuesday, February 24th (Web registration begins at 21:00 on Sunday, February 1st, while phone registration begins at 11:00 on Monday, February 9th). If the number of applicants exceeds capacity, we will hold a lottery and notify those chosen from Thursday, February 26th.

Where to apply: Osaka Gas Cooking School Senri

Web Registration:

•TEL.: (06)6871-8561

Reception hours in-store and by phone:
9:00~17:30 (Excludes holidays, etc.)

Date: 2015-3-24 (Tue) 18:30 - 21:00
Organizer: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University; Osaka Gas
Sponsored: Support Office for Large-Scale Education and Research Projects, Osaka University
Venue: Osaka Gas Cooking School Senri (1F, Senchu PAL, 1-3-141 Shinsenri Higashi-machi, Toyonaka)
Registration: Registration is required for this event. (Web)
Contact: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka Unviersity

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