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2014 High School & University Joint Physics Education Seminar

2014-8-5 (Tue) - 2014-8-6 (Wed)

These High School & University Joint Physics Educations Seminars are mainly intended for high teachers.

The lectures [at this seminar] will cover the "fresh" lecture by Professor Kensuke KOBAYASHI, winner of last year's 10th Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Award and the 16th Ryogo KUBO Memorial Award, and the "fresh" lecture by Professor Kohji HASHIMOTO about with elementary particle theory. In addition, a new activity is being added in which we will visit different laboratories at the School of Engineering Science.

In planning for this high school and university joint seminar, we decided to raise the question on the recent decline in the ability of students to express themselves in complete sentences. These days things such as copies of theses have raised social awareness of this issue. We will report on the current situation of students at the university and would like to have free and open discussion between university and high school teaching staff reflecting their respective viewpoints.

Date: 2014-8-5 (Tue) - 2014-8-6 (Wed)
Organizer: School of Science, School of Engineering Science
Sponsored: Kinki Branch/Osaka Branch, The Physics Education Society of Japan; Hyogo/Kyoto Prefecture(s) Board(s) of Education; Osaka Prefecture High School Science Education Research Association
Venue: Large Seminar Room (Room H701), Building H, School of Science, Toyonaka campus
Registration: Registration by email is required. Instructions can be found in flyer for download below.
Contact: Research Support Division, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University -- Tel: 06-6850-5283 / FAX: 06-6850-6780

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