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Conflicts and Social Changes in Sudan -- Current Situation and Future Perspective (11th Excellence Seminar and 95th Humanities Seminar on Conflict)

2014-3-11 (Tue) 2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

The Sudanese Civil War officially ended in 2005. However, armed conflict has continued since South Sudan's independence and the nation is still trapped in a civil war. These circumstances have continued for over half a century, since Sudanese independence in 1956. Moreover, since 1989, Sudan has politically been been in the grip of a rigid authoritarian Islamic regime. Consequently, the current situation is such that, even when it is discussed in international relations or international politics, it is extremely difficult for foreigners to conduct long-term fieldwork there. Thus, research focusing on the adversary relationship between the nation and society and the inner social dynamics has rarely been conducted.
In this regard, this seminar is an excellent opportunity to listen to a citizen of Sudan, an insider who has lived continuously in Khartoum, Dr. Idris Salim El Hassan, an anthropologist specializing in the development of conflict and his analysis of its social and political dynamics. His lecture will touch on an analysis of the current situation and a scenario for a resolution of this conflict in the near future.
Lecturer: Idris Salim El Hassan, Associate Professor, International Islamic University, Malaysia

Akira OKAZAKI, Specially Appointed Professor, Hitotsubashi University
Yoshiko KURITA, Professor, Chiba University
Mohamed Omer ABDIN, second-term of a doctoral program, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Yuko TOBINAI, second-term of a doctoral program, Sophia University
Eri HASHIMOTO, second-term of a doctoral program, Hitotsubashi University
Isao MURAHASHI, second-term of a doctoral program, Osaka University

The lecture will be conducted in English. Unfortunately, English-to-Japanese translation service will not be available.
Advance registration for this seminar is not necessary.
There is no charge for attending.

Date: 2014-3-11 (Tue) 2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Organizer: Global COE Program, A Research Base for Conflict Studies in the Humanities
Venue: Conference Room B, 3rd floor, Icho Hall, Osaka University
Registration: No registration is needed.
Contact: Excellence Seminar Office, Department of Anthropology, Graduate School of Human Sciences

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