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Symposium "Future Initiative in Law Education"

2014-3-15 (Sat) 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

2014 is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Graduate School of Law and Politics and the School of Law; it is also the 10th anniversary of the founding of Osaka University Law School. In order to contribute to further development of law education and cultivation of legal professionals at Osaka University, we are holding a symposium "Future Initiatives in Law Education" on Saturday, March 15.

Since the establishment of the law schools in 2004, law education and the cultivation of legal professionals have drastically changed in Japan. As globalization increases in importance in a variety of fields, the content and role of a university education are expected to improve by ensuring the quality of university education and reviewing the mission of the university. In the legal field as well, judiciary personnel training with an eye on admissions to post-graduation is expected.

Osaka University's Graduate School of Law and Politics, School of Law and Osaka University Law School have made efforts in legal education and cultivation of legal professionals in a close cooperation with the School of Law's alumni association Seiunkai.

On this auspicious year, we must take a look at our legal education, the cultivation of legal professionals, and the role of society-university collaboration in order to find ways leading to further development. In order to pick the brains of leaders in a variety of fields concerning legal education for the coming age, we are holding this symposium as noted below. All interested in this topic are cordially invited to attend.


Greeting, "Message for the Symposium to Celebrate the 60th anniversary -- Legal Education at Osaka University", HIRANO Toshio, President of Osaka University
1:20 p.m. -- Lectures

  •  "The Role of Legal Professionals in Future Society", TAHARA Mutsuo, Special Adviser, Habataki Law Office, former Supreme Court Judge
  • "Why do We Learn Law? -- from Administration and Business in Action", MICHIZUKI Harufumi, Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd., Representative Director & President; former Administrative Vice-Minister, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2:45 p.m. -- Panel Discussion
Topic presentation -- NAMBU Machiko, Representative director & president, Kobe Concerto cruising company


  • NAMBU Machiko
  • TAKENAKA Yutaka, Dean, Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University
  • TANIGUCHI Setsuo, Dean, Osaka University Law School, Osaka University
  • AOE Hidefumi, Director, Intellectual Property Center, Osaka University
  • MURAKAMI Masanao, Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University

Closing remarks, TAKENAKA Yutaka

How to apply:

Please send your (1) name, (2) affiliation, (3) contact information (telephone number) to the address noted below by Friday, March 14, 2014.
Entitle the email "Application for symposium".
Parking is not available. Please use public transportation to get the venue.
For more information, contact:
Symposium Office, Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University
Tel: 06-6850-5180


Date: 2014-3-15 (Sat) 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Auditorium, 2nd floor, Osaka University Hall, Toyonaka campus

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