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Handai-Asahi Nakanoshima Juku: "How to discipline your body and mind. What is the real meaning of 'quality of life'?" #3

2014-2-15 (Sat) - 2014-2-22 (Sat)

The Handai-Asahi Nakanoshima Juku offers courses produced and sponsored by Osaka University and Asahi Culture Center. The Handai-Asahi Nakanoshima Juku was established at the time [Osaka University's] Nakanoshima Center was built in 2004.

These courses share results of research conducted at Osaka University with the general public in an easy-to-understand format. In these lectures, leading lecturers give presentations on topics in culture, art, history, science, technology, health care, as well as seasonal and current topics.

Date & Time: Saturday, February 15, Saturday, February 22, 2014 -- 10:30 a.m. ~ 12:00 noon

Tuition: ¥3,150

Lecturer: SHIMEGI Satoshi, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University

In Prof. Shimegi's previous classes, we learned that (1) just disciplining one's body and mind does not improve the quality of one's life, (2) although we thought we knew ourselves, actually we hadn't, and (3) realizing that one hasn't really understood oneself is the first step in understanding not only ourselves, but also others and society.

This class will further deepen "understanding oneself." Furthermore, while keeping in mind the relationship between "body," "mind," and "heart," we will consider "What sort of being am I?" and "What exactly is the real meaning of 'quality of life'?"

Professor Shimegi will start this third class with review of his previous classes. Individuals enrolling for the first time will be able to understand it.

To make application, go to the Asahi Culture Center website.

Date: 2014-2-15 (Sat) - 2014-2-22 (Sat)
Organizer: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University; Asahi Culture Center
Venue: Nakanoshima Center, Osaka University
Registration: Online registration is required. Go to the URL below to register.
Contact: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University

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