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Seven Universities Junior Association Lecture to be held in Osaka for First Time

2015-8-8 (Sat) 13:00 -

Date and Time

Saturday, August 8, 2015 - 13:00~17:30


Lecture Room 703,  Osaka University Nakanoshima Center


Part 1 - 13:00~14:00

• Reception

• General overview of the establishment of the Junior Association

Part 2 - 14:00~

• 14:00~15:00 - Lecture

• 15:00~16:00 - Group discussion, Q&A session

• 16:00~17:30 - Social gathering


"Understanding People Through Robotics Research"

ISHIGURO Hiroshi (Osaka University Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science)

Attendance Fee

4,000 yen

*There are discounts available. For more details, please check the Seven Universities Junior Association webpage.

*For those 46 years of age or older and not a graduate of the Seven Universities, you may attend as a supporting member.

How to Apply

Please apply through the Seven Universities Junior Association webpage.

Organized by: Seven Universities Junior Association

Co-hosted by: Gakushikai; Osaka University

With support from: Kyoto University

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