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Campus Life Support Center StationCafé -- Let's Talk about Sleep and Your Heart

2015-4-24 (Fri) 14:15 -

"It's tough getting up every day."

"I always get sleepy during class."

"I don't feel well-rested.

"I get the feeling that I can sleep better if I drink some alcohol."

"I get more sleep on my days off."

If this sounds like you, you might owe your body quite a bit of sleep.

There is a close relationship between the quality of your sleep and stress management.

Even if you can hear the SOS your body is sending you, you might not be able to hear the SOS from your heart.

I'd like to give you just one small prescription, let's call it a "sleep recipe," for you to use every night.

Speaker: MIKAMI Akira (Japanese Society of Sleep Research Certified Psychiatrist)

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