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Group Discussion Seminar and Job Interview Seminar by Career Supporters

2015-3-4 (Wed) - 2015-3-13 (Fri)

Osaka University's Career Supporter Group is holding a group discussion seminar on Wednesday, March 4 and a job interview seminar on Friday, March 13. The Career Supporter Group is an official student group at Osaka University. This group consists of students in the 4th year of their undergraduate study or those in a master's course who have received a tentative job offer from a private company, government office, school or another organization and who have registered with Career Development Services as a career supporter, a position in which students speak about their experiences in job hunting and answer questions about job hunting at venues such as employment guidance events.

A group discussion seminar and a job interview seminar will be held according to the schedule below. Students who are interested or concerned about job hunting are encouraged to attend these events.

Group discussion seminar

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 13:00~15:00
Venue: Room 402, 4th floor, Toyonaka Comprehensive Building, Toyonaka campus

Job interview seminar

Date & Time: Friday, March 13, 2015, 13:00~15:00
Venue: Conference Room, Machikaneyama Hall, Toyonaka campus
(There is a restaurant, "Libre," on the first floor of Machikaneyama Hall.)

To Apply
By email, send the seminar title, the name of your school, your year in school, your name, and your telephone number to cs-stuml[at] (When using, please substitute @ for [at].)
It is possible for those who have no reservation to participate in these events, but we request that you make a reservation beforehand.

Registration is now closed.

For more information, contact:
Career Development Services, Support Center for Campus Life, Osaka University
Tel: 06-6850-6115
Career Development Services



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