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The 2nd "Relaxing your Heart and your Head" -- 6th Station Café

2013-11-27 (Wed) 2:40 p.m. -

At the Support Center for Campus Life we proactively provide students with opportunities and a place where they can get to know one another.
This year's six such "café" is the second "Relaxing your Heart and your Head -- Using a Therapeutic Approach to Cognitive Behavior." How about joining us? This second time around, we'll be increasing the workshop part of the program.
Are you feeling tired from the continual study, getting along with others, part-time jobs, and lots of little mundane worries? Perhaps you're finding yourself tired both psychologically and physically.... If so, then come to this café. Join us for lecture interspersed with hands-on activity. Get to know what stress is made from, how you can approach it, and ways to relax.
This café again features Associate Professor Jun SASAKI from the Graduate School of Human Sciences.
Sound interesting? Want to make new friends? Then come! The Campus Life Support Center's staff all look forward to meeting you!
Venue: Student Support Community Space, 2nd Floor, Student Service & Union, Toyonaka campus
This café is intended for: OU students
Making application: If you'd like to come, please send your (1) name, (2) affiliation, (3) year in school, (4) student number, and (5) contact information to this email address <>. Please apply by Monday, November 25.

Stress Management

For more information, contact: Support Center for Campus Life, Tel. 06-6850-6115

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