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2010 Tekijuku Commemoration Association -- Special Lectures on the 200th Anniversary of OGATA Koan's birth

2010-11-24 (Wed) 2:30 p.m. -

Osaka University and the Tekijuku Commemoration Association honor the achievements of OGATA Koan and his disciples every year with special lectures. This year being the 200th anniversary of Ogata's birth, the following memorial lectures are being held on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 24.

We look forward to welcoming many persons to these special lectures.


Lecture #1: "The Heart from which Ogata's Scholarship sprang," TATARA Kozo, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University

Lecture #2: "Professor Ogata and Osaka," WAKITA Osamu, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University; Director, Museum of Osaka University

There is no fee for attending these lectures.

Organized by: Tekijuku Commemoration Association

Venue: Saji Keizo Memorial Hall, 10th floor, Nakanoshima Center, Osaka University

If you would like to attend, please send your (1) name (with "furigana"), (2) address, and (3) telephone number to the office noted below. Please note that your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than to record your registration for these lectures.

You may register by FAX, email, or by telephone. For more information and/or to register, please contact: Publicity and University-Community Collaboration Office
Tel: 06-6879-7016, FAX: 06-6879-7156, Email

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