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Joint Lectures to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Suita City gaining city status

2010-7-11 (Sun) 12:00 p.m. -

To commemorate Suita City's 70th anniversary in gaining city status on April 1, 2010, four universities and a research institute in the city are going to hold lectures on Sunday, July 11.

Suita City looks forward to full attendance by citizens and others.

Date & time: July 11 (Sunday), 12:00 -6:00 p.m.

Quota: 1400

Venue: Large Hall, May Theater

There is no admission fee for attending this event.


1. Kansai University

Lecture title:"The Origin of Kansai Culture Viewed from the Perspective of Underground Water"

Lecturer: KUSUMI Harushige, President, Kansai University, Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering

2. National Museum of Ethnology

Lecture title: "A Shift from the Expo 70 to the National Museum of Ethnology"

Lecturer: YOSHIDA Kenji, Professor, National Museum of Ethnology

3. Osaka Gakuin University

Lecture title: "How to Enjoy Sports Safely"

Lecturer: YAMAUCHI Takeshi, Professor, Faculty of Law

4. Senri Kinran University

Lecture title: "Local Communities and Health -- City Design of Suita City and the Role of Universities"

Lecturer: TERAGUCHI Mizuo, Professor, Senri Kinran University

5. Osaka University

Lecture title: "Social Capital and Revitalization of Local Communities -- Maintenance of Local Life Function in Depopulating Society"

Lecturer: TSUTSUMI Kenji, Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

How to apply:
Please send (1) the date you'd like to attend, (2) the number of participants, (3) your name, (4) address, and (5) phone number by return post card or fax to:
Suita City 70th Anniversary Commemoration Office, Policy Promotion Department, Suita City Office, 564-8550 (Additional address data is not needed.)
If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, successful applicants will be chosen by lottery.
For more information, contact: Suita City 70th Anniversary Commemoration Office, Tel: 06-6384-3104


70th anniversary Suita

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