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Success in verifying the dual-function capabilities of a new rare-metal-free spintronic device by controlling the magnetic field


Osaka University's Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) and Tohoku University succeeded in observing isothermal switching of a perpendicular exchange bias by a strong pulsed magnetic field.
They verified that magnetic anisotropy both in direction and intensity after the completion of fabrication process can be controlled.  If intensity and direction of magnetization can be changed, it will be able to conduct two functions of calculation and recording done by two semiconductors by one semiconductor, leading to the development of new spintronic devices.
Additionally, contrary to current devices using antiferromagnetic substances including the rare earth metal iridium (Ir), this research group verified the switching can be done by using cheap and abundant chromium (Cr) oxide, demonstrating the possibility of achieving spintronic devices with both high performance and an alternative to rare earth metals.


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To read the full research report on this important , please read the full research report entitled "Isothermal switching of perpendicular exchange bias by pulsed high magnetic field " at this page at the Applied Physics Letters website.

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