From Tekijuku to World Tekijuku

With roots reaching back to Tekijuku, a “place of learning” in 1838, Osaka University has embarked on policies that will make it a “place of learning” for citizens of the world.



Worldwide Network

A Worldwide Network links Osaka University with universities, laboratories, and centers around the globe.



World Rankings

Scholarship at Osaka University is historically rooted in a spirit of independent inquiry.



Osaka University: Facts & Figures

Osaka University’s student-to-teacher ratio is roughly 7:1




Japan’s first Nobel Laureate served a researcher and professor at Osaka University.



Getting Involved & Living in Osaka

Osaka’s citizens are open and friendly. The Osaka area is a great place to live in the midst of the modern and traditional.


News & Topics
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2015-3-2 (Mon)
1st Lecture by Osaka University Distinguished Professor held
2015-2-27 (Fri)
During the administration of the 2015 Individual Achievement Examinations on campus
Students Prospective students
2015-2-27 (Fri)
Guidelines for 2015-16 Tuition Fee and/or Entrance Fee Exemption

Meet the President

A greeting and messages from Toshio HIRANO, the president of Osaka University

Institute for Academic Initiatives

The IAI promotes the expansion of interdisciplinary education, research courses, and opportunities under the leadership of President Toshio HIRANO

Support Office

Visit the Support Office for International Students and Scholars

Global 30

The "G30" program aims to create an environment that makes it easier for international students to study in Japan and receive a high quality education while doing so. Osaka University is a major player in this project.


The Osaka University Prospectus contains an up-to-date and informative overview of the total functioning of the university.

CAREN Study in English @ Osaka University

CAREN is a portal for all things to do with degree and graduate school level international exchange programs in English at Osaka University.

OU logos

Osaka University uses a couple of different logos. The most commonly viewed one is the one you see here. What does it mean? Where did it come from? Click here and learn more.

Researcher Database

You can find out about researchers at Osaka University and their research.

Osaka University Foundation for the Future

Osaka University Foundation for the Future supports the continued development of education and research at the university by providing a stable financial foundation for the university. Support Osaka University today!

Annual Report

Academic achievements of Osaka University, papers chosen from the various research fields of Osaka University

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