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Introduction to Osaka University


To contractors: Important notice regarding doing business with Osaka University

Business operators hoping to deal with Osaka University are requested to read the Business Guidelines.

To download application form, click here.

Confirmation of delivery of goods

Goods delivered need to be checked by the administration section of school. We ask for your kind understanding. To check which administration office will check the goods you deliver, click here.

Osaka University Procurement System
  After considerable discussion about measures for preventing a recurrence of unauthorized use of public research funds, Osaka University has decided to introduce the Osaka University Procurement System as part of its measures. For additional information, please click here.
  Faculty and staff will place orders to contractors by entering information such as specification of goods to this system. For contractors to receive orders from our faculty and staff, it is necessary to register beforehand. A notice regarding registration will be sent to contractors by postal mail sometime between December 2016 ~ February 2017 when registration with the system becomes available.
  Once this system starts, all orders from our faculty and staff will generally be placed using this system. Therefore, contractors who cannot meet our orders through this system will receive orders not from faculty and staff, but from the administration division.
  This system will expand its operation in phases, so until its full-scale operation, orders will be placed in the same way as previously or by using this system. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your understanding.

Preventing Misuse of Competitive Research Funds

Contact regarding Misuses of Competitive Research Funds

The Audit Office takes reports of misuse of competitive research funds from both inside and outside of Osaka University.


Procurement information

Suspension of business

Announcement of contract contents

Lists re contract contents

Announcement of revised optional contract plan

Revised policy for handling single tender bids


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