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Introduction to Osaka University

Information on the University

Various information on the University stipulated in "Access to Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions, Act No. 22" and "Order for Enforcement of Access to Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions, Act No. 12" is provided by the information disclosure division and via the OU website.

Information about organizations

Outline of organizations

Information about operations

Regulations on contracts

Regulations on usage fees

Osaka University Reports

Information about finance


Appropriated surplus

Information about officers' pay standards

Information about evaluation

Information about second jobs

Private Finance Initiatives

Procurement from Small and Medium Enterprises

Procurement of Environmentally-Friendly Products

Summary of procurement of environment-friendly products for 2015

Procurement of products from facilities hiring persons with challenges

Announcement of schedule based on 2-1 (2) of the Guidelines for Public Procurement and the Use of Subsidies for Promoting Women's Activity

Information about facilities


Accounting Inspection Reports to the General Accounting Office

Information about the former Osaka University of Foreign Studies Achievement reports and assessments by academic year

Information about finance by academic year

Information about standards for officers' salary by academic year


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